Windows 10 Pro Lite pt-BR x86/x64 Dez 2020 17763.1637 Download

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Windows 10 Pro Lite pt-BR x86/x64 Dez 2020 17763.1637

Architecture: x86 x64

Language: PT-BR

File format: ESD


Credits Iso Created by OinfoTecnoSys

*****MD5 SHA*****


MD5 Checksum: D0C8C890C9FA56E860AD554C323FC4E7

SHA-1 checksum: 50AF599B3B1BD6284E1F98C278C1B1D7F75F4BCD


MD5 Checksum: 1601848BF0192D777720A401B949AF8A

SHA-1 checksum: 43964C908702608C13BB1EC138D9CA6F264C19E5


MD5 Checksum: E3469A0C76DC03054481E75C657A89BE

SHA-1 checksum: 4BA01A6B4A28C97E61DB6E896ED01B35F5421CBD


A: Remote support

A: Ondrive

To: Localization Services

A: Transmission from Midia

A: Windows Insider Hub

D: Internet Explorer

D: Media player


A: Intel Indeo codecs

A: Explorer Games

A: Captura Hardware

A:Fundos Fabric Bloqueio

A: MPEG-2 splitter

A: Other Topics

A: ready to play

A: Cloth Protector

A: Recognition Speaks

A: DVD playback

A: We are Padro

A: Windows TIFF IFilter (OCR)


D: Bitlocker Drive Cryptography

M: Windows Recovery

M: Windows Backup

M: System Restore

A: Cota Disco

A: Wordpad

A: Recorder Steps

A: Windows Defender

A: Location notification

A: cache. NET assembly

A: Proximity

A: Password for Imagem

A: Read Help for Windows

A: Transfer FCl

***** Hardware Support*****

A: Infrared device

A: Miacast display devices

A: Gaming Peripherals (Xbox GIP)


A: Some sources

A: Language Some

A: Some keyboard layouts

******Windows Applications*****

A: Microsoft Edge (Novo)

A: Everyone, run Calculator

A:Cortana – Search Working

A: Update Drivers Enabled for Installation (Not Mute from Build)

***** Activated *****

A – Network framework e


I did not place everything that I removed,

because what is written is enough to know whether we should go down or not

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