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Free Bangla Typing ToolAvro Keyboard is a free software that allows you to type in Bengali on the QWERTY keyboard. You can use Latin letters to write Bangla characters with Avro. The free software was released as an open source project in 2003 on March 26 to celebrate the Independence Day of Bayanno, another popular typing software that translates words typed on a QWERTY keyboard into Bangla script. Both Avro and Bijoy have graphical user interfaces that provide easy access to the platform. While Avro keyboard is available for Android, Apple iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems, Bijoy Bayanno is only compatible with Mac and Windows computer systems. Is the Avro keyboard secure? Avro Keyboard is completely safe to download and install. A tool developed by OmicronLab empowers Bengali speakers to express themselves online. Although the original Avro Keyboard app is safe, open versions of it may contain malware. Since Avro is ad-free in the app, you don’t have to worry about being tracked by invasive spyware when using an ANSI and Unicode compatible keyboard. You can switch between outputs by clicking the settings icon in the top row. Although ANSI is optimal for some applications, Unicode mode is recommended for most. Should I change the Avro keyboard layout? The Avro keyboard has a graphical interface with two main modes: the top bar and the taskbar. The top bar displays icons at the top of the desktop screen. If you click the button with the logo, you can get many options: Avro mouse, spell checker, etc. You can hover your mouse over „Choose keyboard layout” to expand the context menu.
The following keyboard layouts are available: Avro Phonetic (English to Bangla), Avro Easy, Bornona, Munir Optima, National (Jatiya) and Probhat. The active layout will be marked with a cursor. Alternatively, click the Show Active Keyboard Layout button at the bottom of the extended menu.
While OmicronLab released Avro Easy virtual keyboard layout to make typing easier, Bornona keyboard is known as the easiest Bangla layout to use. The national keyboard layout is the default format in Bangladesh. Avro Keyboard is a highly customizable program that allows you to make the toolbar transparent. Additionally, you can move the top bar around the screen.
If you prefer the Avro keyboard to be in the taskbar rather than the top bar, you can click the logo to select „Go to taskbar”. You can click the up arrow to open the Avro keyboard in the taskbar. If you click on the Avro image, you will be able to switch the program back to the toolbar view: Restore top Avro bar.
How can I type bangla on the keyboard? The second icon in the top row allows you to open the drop-down menu to change the keyboard from English to Bengali. You can just click the interactive button to change the characters automatically. The current language will be displayed in the toolbar.
You can select a hotkey from F1 to F12 that allows you to quickly switch between keyboards. Additionally, the CTRL and SPACEBAR keys let you change mode. Avro Keyboard will monitor both Bangla mode and default keyboard mode on all appson your PC to ensure a smooth experience.
How to type on the Avro keyboard? The Avro keyboard supports phonetic, touch and mouse input. You can type Bengali words with Roman numerals to automatically translate text into Bengali characters with phonetic function. There will be a floating preview window below the letters so you can see the translations in real time. Avro provides an in-app dictionary of 150,000 Bengali words.
The built-in dictionary allows you to fully customize autocorrect. You can add and edit words in the autocorrect directory. Keyboard layouts make typing easier and faster by automatically creating vowels. If you enter a short version of a vowel, the long form is automatically displayed.
You can enter Reph at the end of consonants and Avro will automatically move Reph to the beginning of a consonant. You can also disable Auto Reph. Assamese characters are also possible in all keyboard layouts. If you prefer to type with a mouse, Avro offers an on-screen keyboard.
Both Bangla and English characters are available in the same font. The selected font remains the same even when you switch between keyboards. You can write Bangla in Adobe Photoshop, Facebook, Microsoft Office Word, Outlook Express, MSN Messenger, Notes, etc.
You can install Avro Keyboard on your computer or get a portable version. If you have an Apple device, you can use iAvro. Additionally, ibus-avro is available for Linux systems. The developers have created the Avro Keyboard extension for the Google Chrome browser.
Additional solutions If you find that your Avro keyboard is not working properly, you may need to configure your computer to be Bangla compatible. The developers have created a solution to solve problems with a complex script on PC. iComplex allows you to easily install and remove complex scripts on your operating system. iComplex was specially designed for older versions of Windows: Windows XP, 2000 and 2003.
Professional typing tool BanglaAvro Keyboard is a standard tool used for professional purposes. The lightweight software keeps track of the Bengali keyboard and default keyboard in apps on your computer. The graphical interface appears as a toolbar or hidden in the system tray. Avro Keyboard makes it easy to type Bangla characters on the QWERTY keyboard. With automatic methods, you can enter words more conveniently with the preview window. In addition, Avro has a customizable spell checker.
What is new? Because Avro Keyboard is open source, new developers optimize the platform. Avro Keyboard is officially updated and is not compatible with new keyboards, extensions, etc.

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