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ON1 Resize AI

ON1 Resize AI, the next-generation image resizing software, offers photographers the most advanced image resizing. This new super-resolution technology allows any photographer to enlarge images while quickly preserving and restoring detail and incredible sharpness.

as it appears

ON1 Resize AI uses next-generation neural networks to enlarge images without losing detail

Ultimate Workflow Integration ON1 Resize AI than average plugins and applications.

Print directly from the ON1 software Resize AI creates excellent poster-sized prints

Efficient batch processing allows jobs to be completed in record time

Unique characteristics of the coating of galleries and mosaics

Large print tools

Image enhancement software should produce high-quality printed images. ON1 Resize AI excels in branding using cutting edge technology. You can enlarge the image to any size and you will not lose the sharpness or detail of your result.

Create canvas covers

The gallery wrap feature creates extended margins so you can cover your photos on wood sticks with canvas prints.

mosaic work

The mosaic function divides the image into tiles or pieces, making it easy to print a mural.

Always get great photos to print

Print custom photos, contact sheets, wall art, or multiple photo prints in printed packages. Also print multiple images on one sheet to create bundles.

Better batch processing

ON1 Resize AI’s resize feature makes it easy to resize one image, a few, or hundreds of images. You can control the size, but also the file type, name, location, etc. You can even use gallery wrapping paper or watermarks on the fly.

Store an incredible amount of information

By studying millions of examples from the everyday world, ON1 Resize AI can resize images and their designs to any size, leaving photographers with high-quality images.

Keep sharp details

ON1 Resize AI uses deep machine learning to explore the various details we see in the world, whether they are natural textures such as animal fur, tree bark, feathers, grass, leaves, stones and feathers, or man-made textures such as concrete, clothing or bricks

easier publishing

When it comes to preparing images for printing, knowing the correct resolution of the printer and the thickness of the paper you choose can be very important. ON1 Resize the built-in AI presets makes it easy. Just select your printer type, paper type, and size.

It works like a plugin

For Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One and Apple Photos

Resize AI better than average plugins. In CaptureOne and Lightroom, you can easily perform batch processing with new resizing options. And in Adobe Photoshop, you can handle layered files with masks, alpha channels, text, and adjustment layers in RGB, CMYK, grayscale, and LAB.

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