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Create your own unique text editor Atom is a programming language that describes itself as a hackable text editor. Developed by GitHub, it gives beginners and experienced programmers the ability to create their own text editor, even without years of experience. It is an open source development software that makes code modification as easy as possible, especially for experienced programmers. It’s a free and powerful alternative to other popular programming utilities like Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code, which are frankly more popular. (function() { (’review-app-page-desktop’); }); What is Atom? application? It’s a software development companion that you can customize to your liking or leave it alone and enjoy it without even touching its configuration file. It is a Windows tool built with integration, HTML, CSS and JavaScript in mind. It runs on the Electron platform, which enables the creation of cross-platform applications using web technologies. By adding features big or small with JavaScript and HTML, you can customize your text editor the way you want. In addition, it serves as a detailed video tutorial called „Setting Up Atom”, which is unlikely to be found in many other open source editors. In addition, this editor has its own packages and themes that save you the hassle of editing, as you can easily install pirated mods. As already mentioned, this programming utility sees itself as a text editor that can be hacked. It’s no secret that Atom consists of related packages whose functionality can be extended by writing to them. If you want to add or improve a feature, be ready to discover new APIs, tools and methods that you need to learn to write correctly, which you will successfully do, then you can provide new user interfaces. , linguistic grammars and topics. While this is definitely a complicated process, make sure you have all the necessary knowledge and experience before proceeding. If you have the ability to write great specs for Atom, debugging is an easy task for you. A great text editor and programming toy. It is also the perfect toy for younger and experienced programmers to play and hone their skills. However, it is a challenging platform for beginners to develop their programming knowledge.

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