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VMix Pro 26

VMix is ​​video mixing software. Using the latest hardware technology, this program has enabled desktop users to mix HD videos, which in the past was done with expensive equipment and special mixing equipment. vMix is ​​one of the most comprehensive live video mixing software that has many features such as: live mixing, switching, direct recording of SD, HD, 4K video streams from various sources such as cameras, video files, DVD, Images, PowerPoint This program also supports hardware solutions for live production, for example vMix Go is a hardware solution that allows you to connect 8 different cameras at the same time. Whether you’re looking for live concerts, sporting events or even simple small web productions, this program will suit your needs well.

Features and functionality of vMix:

Receive input from various sources such as 4K, HD, SD cameras, etc., Wi-Fi video in various formats, DVD, audio files, etc.

Live mixing possible

With 13 different transitions and effects

Low consumption of system resources and the ability to perform optimally even on average systems

Possibility to take snapshots or instantly play different video sources

Integrated sound mixer

Live video effects (i.e. you can apply live effects while capturing)

See the video from different views

Use the 4 overlay channels to apply more effects


required system

Recommended minimum

Windows 7 or later operating system

Processor 2 GHz+ dual-core processor

1GB DDR2 memory

Hard drive 7200 rpm hard drive (for recording)

DirectX 10 compatible graphics card

Screen resolution 1280720

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