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Topaz Video AI v3

Topaz Video Enhance AI is a video enhancement and optimization application developed by Topaz Labs. This software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to improve video quality and has shown excellent performance. This software uses a series of video editing techniques that are very innovative and unique in their genre. The workflow of the software is that it first breaks the video into its smallest constituent unit, a frame, and then scans each frame using AI-based techniques. By examining frames individually and simultaneously as a group with previous and subsequent frames, the software provides valuable information that the user can use to enhance, remove noise and optimize colors.

In terms of scaling, the software has a lot to say and can easily convert SD video to HD or normal HD video to 4k and 8k. Detailed and Frame-by-Frame Video Noise Denoising helps to remove white spots from video and increase image details. Increasing video frame rate and avoiding artificial image delay is another very important feature of this software. There is only one way to increase video frame rate from 24 and 30 to 60 and that is to add new frames between existing frames. Frame mixing and optical flow are two common methods of increasing video frame rates that often don’t work properly and make the video look artificial. These methods especially don’t work for videos with moving backgrounds and can cause problems.

Features and Features of Topaz Video Enhance AI Software:

Use artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to improve the quality and size of your videos

Zoom out frame by frame and increase image details

Frame-by-frame preview, individual and group frame analysis to predict the best video editing method

Increase video resolution from SD to HD

Convert normal HD videos to 4K and 8K quality videos

Remove artificial effects and special effects and restore original video

Increase video frame rate from 24 and 30 to 60

Using deep learning methods to improve video frames

Create professional time-lapse videos

Support for multiple devices

Very simple and convenient interface

Support for multiple video file formats

necessary system


10 (build 19041 v2004 and above), Windows 11


Mojave and above for CPU support

Catalina and above for GPU support

Windows 7, 8

Video Enhance AI is not designed to run on Windows 7 or 8 and is not compatible with these operating systems.


We currently do not support Linux-based operating systems.


AVX2 instructions required

~2015 Intel Processors

Intel HD 5000 iGPU or better

~2016 AMD processors

System memory (RAM)

8 GB (16 GB or more recommended for best performance)

Graphics card (GPU)

Intel HD 5000 if running on CPU

DirectX 12 compatible on Windows

All GPUs are supported on Mac and above, including the M1

Dedicated graphics memory (VRAM)

2 GB (8 GB or more for optimal performance)

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