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PlayerFab 7.0

Ability to play local video, DVD / Blu-ray / UHD discs and video streaming. Are you still looking for a comprehensive media player? Armed with PlayerFab, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Videos available for PlayerFab vary from local video, DVD / Blu-ray / UHD to video streaming. The software is indeed a comprehensive media player.

An all-in-one platform for streaming

As a streaming convergence platform, PlayerFab supports watching videos on many popular streaming platforms, such as Amazon, Netflix, Tubi, Peacock and more.

Users don’t have to find the right video on different streaming platforms, just PlayerFab.

Online video playback with 1080p FHD video and EAC3 audio quality

High quality is a prerequisite and foundation for PlayerFab. This powerful free software offers several built -in features to provide the best viewing experience with 1080p FHD video quality and EAC3 audio quality.

With PlayerFab, users have access to great theatrical effects.

Automatically skip ads to save time

Worried about long and annoying ads at the beginning of the video? If so, you will not suffer again.

To ensure a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, PlayerFab automatically skips the initial advertising of the most popular video websites, including Amazon IMDB Free TV, Tubi, Roku, Paramount +.

Play all types of video and audio formats easily

PlayerFab, as a very versatile software, is a powerful and complete free media player.

It supports all popular formats like, MP4, MKV, MOV, FLV, VOB, M2TS and more. As long as you have PlayerFab, there are no more compatibility issues.

PC and TV playback modes are optimized for small / large screens

The all-in-one media player has two playback modes with a special user interface design, from which the PC mode is optimized for truly engaging media viewing on the PC screen.

While the TV mode is designed for a cinematic audiovisual experience on widescreen smart TVs compatible with Windows Media Center remote controls.

The simple design ensures the best viewing experience

PlayerFab always puts the needs of the users first. If you want to create a player with versatile features, PlayerFab allows the most clear and intuitive experience

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