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OneCommander Professional v3

OneCommander is a modern file manager for Windows 10 and Windows 11. Features include tabs, dual-pane browser, column navigation, built-in preview, theming system, color tags and much more. It’s free for home use and contains no ads.

More information:

Free for home use and no ads.

Commercial use is allowed with the Pro license. (What is commercial use?)

tldr Privacy Policy: OneCommander does not collect or transmit user data.

Detailed Privacy Policy.

64-bit software (x64 platform)

GPU Hardware DirectX accelerated where possible

Security: DEP (permanent); ASLR (high entropy); C#/.NET memory safe language

System requirements:

OneCommander requires Windows 10 or Windows 11 and .NET Framework (pre-installed on Windows 10 and 11)

Windows 10S is NOT supported.

A high DPI screen (above 96 ppi) is recommended

Acrylic window effect is only supported on Windows 10, but Mica window effect is available on Windows 11

professional commander

One Commander is a file manager for Windows with an improved user interface and browsing, file system and file management experience. The utility uses tree classification folders, subfolders and files, always make sure the current location is clean. It supports multiple tabs, so you can easily switch between them and access the desired folder.

Depending on the file format, some files may be displayed in One Commander while others may be opened for you by the default program. You can create new folders or copy, move, rename, duplicate and delete items from your PC, cloud storage systems or removable drives. In addition, there is a „list” function that helps you to collect the file in a separate folder and process it at the same time, so that you can move or copy it to a new folder. Batch processing is aided by the Ingredient Taskmaster, which performs all operations and ignores the error, or other similar situations, so that they can be processed further.

It might be useful, it’s quite clear that One Commander is still in development because it sometimes has issues or crashes, which means it still needs some work to improve its stability.

Commander Benefits

Quickly view, copy, move or rename files on your computer

file manager

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