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Users who have worked on our project for a long time know that sometimes I send small tools from the assistant section. For example, a program to work with FTP. Now, however, I want to introduce you to Mountain Duck before having a new version 4, which is also owned by the same Swiss company. The difference is that you now have to pay for a work permit.

This tool allows users to combine servers with cloud storage in Finder in MacOS and File Explorer in Windows. In other words, you can integrate Amazon S3, Nextcloud Dropbox, WebDAV, SFTP, and Google Drive with Finder and Explorer.

Version 4 adds a file history with a detailed view of executable data that can be executed, as well as a history of recently converted files on your computer and server. Users can select an item to quickly view a modified file in Windows Explorer.

You will need a key or activation code to use the Mountain Duck free of charge, but in addition to the installation file, there will be a foot file on the memory, which is a copy patch in the folder where you installed this application, i.e.. desirable to run it in administrator name and click, you can enjoy!


Bookmarks allow you to organize bookmarks in menu folders, and further improve user usage. There are also team activities. The lock file does not allow other users to edit the document. It also helps to block files when connecting to a WebDAV server.

This is one of the best services for connecting to cloud services. Automatically detecting S3 component or Synology material at login saves a lot of time. This simplifies adding or integrating multiple services, including automatic read / write files (which cannot be done

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