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BootRacer Premium v8

The perfect application to analyze system startup and manage all applications that can modify your computer’s startup. Finally, it can quickly detect any programs that might be slowing down startup and stop them with a single click. Additionally, it displays your operating system on the dashboard and finds all tree results. BootRacer Premium shows the complete installer and also launches it at the bottom of the interface and gets a complete history and activity report. First show that your system saves time when it opens and just one click to optimize the startup. Learn about all the options that can change the settings in the additional drop-down menu, as well as the use of different languages ​​and the possibility of translation.

Premium Boot Racer

Powerful download optimization application.

Check out all the download-related tools.

So unlock all premium features.

Quickly manage all startup tools.

It supports quick update and rollback.

Use the search option to get the tool.

Save every startup or once.

One-click capture interface.

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So show all company details.

Analyze at the beginning.

User neat and mini box.

You need to restart your computer to get the information.

Using this tool is very easy.

It is completely safe to use.

What’s new:

Publication: – 07.10.2022

Added option to run hidden BootRacer. This option only applies to the Premium version.

Added a drag-and-drop method to set the startup order of programs using the startup manager.

Fixed registration issue.

Fixed Bootlogger error: incorrect detection of hard drive type.

Fixed many small bugs

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