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Build your own unique text editor Atom is a programming language that really describes itself as a hackable text editor. Developed by GitHub, it gives new and intermediate programmers the opportunity to create their own text editor, even without years of work experience. It is an open source development software that has made code changes as easy as possible, especially for experienced programmers. It’s a free and powerful alternative to other popular programming tools like Sublime Text and the frankly more popular Visual Studio Code. What is the Atom app? It’s an app development companion that you can customize to your heart’s content or be left alone and enjoy without touching the configuration files. It is a Windows tool built with integration, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It runs on Electron, which is a framework that allows you to build cross-platform applications using web technologies. By adding features big or small with JavaScript and HTML, you can personalize your own text editor as much as you want. Moreover, it offers a detailed video guide called 'Setting Up Atom’ which is hardly available in many other open source editors. Moreover, this editor comes with its own package and theme that will save you from doing any modifications as you can simply install the modifications that make someone else’s Atom hack? As mentioned, this programming tool bills itself as a hackable text editor. It’s no secret that Atom consists of packages whose functionality can be extended by writing on top of them. If you want to add or improve some functionality, be prepared to be introduced to new APIs, tools, and techniques you’ll need to learn to properly write packages.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to provide new user interfaces, grammars, and themes. Although this will certainly be a complicated process, make sure you are well equipped with knowledge and experience before proceeding. If you have the ability to write good specifications for Atom, debugging problems will be easy for you.
A great text editor and programming toy On its own, Atom offers people a great text editor that they can use for free. It is also the perfect toy for junior and advanced programmers to play and hone their skills. But for beginners, it will be a difficult platform to develop their programming knowledge.

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