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Aidfile Recovery Software 3

Aidfile Recovery Software is a powerful data recovery tool to recover files from deleted/formatted/repartitioned/missing drives/corrupted partition tables etc. It supports EXFAT/FAT32/NTFS file systems. Help file data recovery can recover data if there is any error in the software such as: partition write error, accidental initialization, accidental deletion, wrong backup, MBR loss, BOOT bad sector, virus attack, hacker attack, conversion error, partition logic error, logic errors in hard disk sectors, partition table loss, etc. The success rate is exceptionally high.

Main feature of Aidfile recovery software

– Recover files after an accidental reset, even if you reinstalled Windows.

– Recover files after hard drive partition failure or crash.

– Recover lost deleted partitions.

– Recover deleted or lost files emptied from Recycle Bin.

– Recover formatted lost MS Office Word Excel documents, photos, images, videos, music, email, etc.

– Recover from hard drive, USB drive, memory card, memory stick, camera card, ZIP, floppy disk or other media.

– Supports EXFAT, FAT32, NTFS file systems.

– High quality file recovery.

Help function for recovering files

– format recovery

If the disk is formatted there is formatting error, Aidfile Recovery software is the best solution, if you formatted hard disk partition or memory card by mistake, then the disk or card will say „the disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now ?”. File recovery after formatted FAT, NTFS partition with file recovery tool to recover reformatted files.

– Return removed

Deleted File Recovery can recover deleted files including documents, photos, mp3 and zip files, folders and all types of damaged drives. In addition to the hard disk, the program supports all types of data carriers (music sticks, cameras, memory sticks, USB drives, etc.)! It works with encrypted files and helps you recover lost files.

– partition recovery

Recover file data when data is lost due to reallocation or partition table error, or partition size, partition combination or partition type has been changed.

– Earlier recovery

If folders are deleted or file name is unknown or file information (file MFT record in NTFS file system, file folder record in FAT32 file system) is overwritten, Aidfile Recovery Software can scan hard drive by file type (e.g. doc, docx). , jpg, mp3, mp4, 3gp, avi, etc.

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